Where we're going

After almost 60 years of writing letters and lobbying governments on our Members' behalf, of offering forums for opposing viewpoints and presenting quality seminars and workshops to small businesses - we find ourselves evolving into something more than just a Chamber of Commerce!
And as the public recognizes that unique positioning within the community, our Members' Roster continues to expand.
This year - as we widen our representation from the agricultural and fishing communities and from seasonal business operators - we anticipate an increase from our current 82 to at least 100.
And, as we all know... the greater the number of voices, the more likely we are to be heard!

Our continuing resolve is:

  • to bolster the south shore's economic future through communication, education and promotion,
  • to act as liaison between the business community and our Provincial and Atlantic Chambers of Commerce,
  • to lobby various government ministers, departments and agencies,
  • to provide speakers who can acquaint our members with local, provincial and federal issues that impact on our community, and
  • to leave our descendants with as clean and healthy an environment as the one we were bequeathed.

Today's South Shore Chamber of Commerce membership is comprised of small business operators and entrepreneurs, plus a few professionals. We also value the contribution made by our individual members - many of them retired, who possess a collective wealth of knowledge and experience.

Our Board of Directors is currently five in number:

    President: Marion Miller
    Vice-President: Gertie Campbell
    Administrator: Cathie Thomas
    Treasurer: Evelyn Rogerson (Beauty Salon Operator)
    Website Co-ordinator: Colleen Wise (ESL teacher)
    Member at Large & Chair Nominations Committee: Marion MacDonald (Journalist)
    And... for certain special tasks that arise from time to time, we also draw on a pool of talented volunteers.

If you would like to become involved, and if your home or business location qualifies you for membership, please check out the benefits we offer and contact Evelyn Rogerson (658 - 2878).
(Special non-resident memberships are available to members in good standing of other chambers or to individuals considering future Island residency.)